Silver Bullets: A Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games, and Trust Activities

Silver Bullets 2


Karl Rohnke





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The adventure education classic

Silver Bullets by Karl Rohnke has been a classic in the adventure field for more than 25 years. The 25th Anniversary, 2nd Edition has new activities and revised classics.

The 2nd Edition of Silver Bullets brings time-tested wisdom to the problems, games and initiatives along with the inclusion of new activities that speak directly to contemporary adventurers. The activities have been implemented and proven to improve self-concept, enhance the ability of members to take risks, and strengthen the willingness of group members to cooperate and work well together.

A variety of audiences from teachers, counselors, therapists, camp directors and church leaders, to name a few, have effectively used the activities to bring people together, to build trust and enhance communication. From whatever age, these "Silver Bullets" can make a difference in your program and the people with whom you work.

The original Silver Bullets book (1984) was a compilation of a quarterly publication called Bag of Tricks written and edited by Karl Rohnke. The difference between publication dates (1984 & 2009) - twenty-five years) represented an ideal span of time to kindle a "Silver" anniversary edition that could take advantage of all those years of experience and facilitation.

Karl approached the re-writing task as a labor of love, attempting to "pepper" the new edition with that knowledge gained through experience over the quarter century, at the same time making sure to preserve those creative flights of fantasy that established the original book as a classic in its field. (Over 200,000 copies printed.)

Anticipate new photos, programmatic retakes, historical vignettes, thoughtful variations, tongue-in-cheek humor, compassionate deletions … with the addition of 14 unique games and initiatives.

There are tons of games and initiative books currently on the market, but which book started the trend? Silver Bullets!  Stick with a winner.

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